Grove Collaborative September Box

If you read my June challenge blog then you know I have been on a mission to ditch toxic cleaning products and incorporate more environmentally-friendly and health conscious products. I have been able to do this with ease by ordering my products from Grove Collaborative. If you have never heard of Grove Collaborative it is a shipment service that delivers all of your favorite all-natural home, beauty, and personal care products to your front door. 


The selling point for me is that Grove Collaborative only carries products that are:

  • Sustainable and transparent supply chains
  • Recyclable and recycled content
  • Organic, natural, and transparent ingredients
  • Plant-based formulations
  • Have a social mission
  • B Corps

To kick off my labor day weekend I wanted a sparkling clean house and these products surely did the job. Included in my box this month was:

  • Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap (Radish)
  • Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap (Radish)
  • Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner (Radish)
  • Grove Collaborative Cleaning Caddy
  • Grove Collaborate Stoneware Tray
  • Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponge
  • Aunt Fannie's Perimeter Pest Powder
  • Seventh Generation Wood Cleaner

I am probably most excited about the Aunt Fannie's Perimeter Pest Powder. My apartment complex will come to spray for pest, but I opt out because the products they use contain harsh chemicals and have a strong odor. Aunt Fannie's is free from phenols, dyes, formaldehyde, neonicotinoids, pyrethrins and petroleum propellants. It is effective in keeping ants, roaches, fleas and other critters away. What is also great is it is super easy to use, you just sprinkle it around the perimeter of your house, in cracks and crevices, and anywhere else that bugs may enter.


This haul was a complete steal and you can get it to! Grove Collaborate is offering a FREE four-piece gift set with your first purchase of $20 or more. Just follow the link here to get started on your order.