Get Rewarded For Being Physically Active

Yes you read the title right, you can be rewarded for being physically active. When I say rewarded I do not just mean feeling better and meeting your fitness goals, I mean being rewarded with things such as gift cards to stores such as Amazon and Wal-Mart. Being a certifed health coach I always share the importance of being physically active because your health depends on it. I also realize that being physically active regularly can be difficult due to lack of motivation, work, life changes, etc. If you need a little extra motivation check out some of my favorite apps that reward you for being physically active.


1. Sweatcoin. Sweatcoin pays you for walking outdoor. They track & verify your outdoor steps using your phone’s accelerometers and GPS location. Those steps are then converted into their currency— Sweatcoins. For every 1,000 steps you take you receive $0.95. When you reach a certain value you can turn those sweatcoin in for rewards from Delta, PayPal, Samsung, Nike, Forever 21 and various other retailers. I thought it was a gimmick at first. I mean come on, it seemed too easy, just walk and earn points. Well I am here to tell you, I was wrong. I have been using sweatcoin for over a month now and I can say I love it. The only drawback is the app only counts and registers outdoor steps, but that forces me to get outside in the fresh air and get moving. If you are interested in checking out the app you can use the link here




2. Achievement. Achievement gives you points for doing health related activities such as walking, meditating, logging food, sleeping, tweeting, answering surveys or opting into a challenge. The achievement app itself does not directly count these activities instead you have to connect other apps such as Apple Health, Samsung Health, FitBit, Twitter or MyFitnessPal. Once you collect 10,000 points you can cash out for $10 through PayPal or direct deposit into your bank account. 




3. Walgreens. Now this one might surprise you because it certainly surprised me. Walgreens will give you balanced reward points, which can be used for anything in the store, just for practicing healthy behaviors. Points are earned for doing things such as walking, recording your blood pressure and weight, monitoring your blood glucose, logging your sleep, and quitting tobacco with NRT. 1,000 balance reward points is equivalent to $1 that can be used in store.