Making The Switch To Essential Oils

I have always been a big fragrance person. I love the smell of citrus, vanilla, fresh cut flowers and everything in between. As the seasons change I am reminded of one of my favorite pastimes, shopping for new holiday candles. Although I love a good fragrance I have become more conscious of the method I use to fill my home with my favorite scents. Research conducted by South Carolina State University concluded that “long-term exposure to emissions of certain types of candles could be hazardous to human health and cause poor indoor air quality”. This is why I have made the choice to diffuse essential oils instead.

I spent a lot of time researching essential oil diffusers and ultimately chose NOW Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. This diffuser is BPA-free, has an automatic timer, and uses high-frequency ultrasonic electrical vibrations to create an aromatherapy mist instead of heat which maintains the integrity of the oil. This diffuser also has a LED light that rotates through six colors. Although the quality and price point of this diffuser caught my eye the ultimate seller for me is NOW’s commitment to the environment and their mission “to enable people to live healthier lives”.


There are so many essential oils on the market today that it makes it extremely difficult to choose favorites so today I am sharing a brand that I swoon over. That brand of essential oils is Woolzies.

Woolzies is dedicated to creating natural, chemical-free household products that are safe to use and protect our families and our planet. The company was started by Kathy, a mother of 5, in 2011 that was fed up with all the chemicals that can be found in household products - even those labeled as natural (this might sound like your current frustration). She decided to act by first making fabric softener then moving on to other household essentials.


I recently purchased an essential oils trio which includes the Focus, Peppermint, and Head Ease Blend. These essential oils have been a game changer. I add about 5 drops of the essential oils to my diffuser each evening to relax and decompress after a long day of work.


Do you use essential oils? If so leave us a comment and tell us your favorite brands and scents.