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I can tell you now. I never learned how to write a check in high school. Heck I didn't write my first check until I was a junior in college. I also never learned that your bank account does not instantly subtract from your balance when you make a purchase (pending balance nightmare). Eventually I learned more about those, plus how to open a 401K and all the other things adults eventually learn to do. 


When Jay-Z dropped his 4:44 album I was through the roof excited that he talked about generational wealth, investing, and other financial tips. It brought my attention to the fact that although there is a wealth of knowledge surrounding building generational wealth , what about our health? More importantly what about health information that millennials can understand? You see I turned 26 this year and found myself ceremoniously kicked off my parents health insurance. Now I am somewhat lucky...I study Public Health so I am privy to health insurance and all things health. However, I realize that is not always the case and with us living in the digital age everything is even more confusing. 


So thats where I come in. Im here to break down health for the every day millennial. I'm here to share my health journey with you because lets face it, we are one heck of a roller coaster. Lastly, I am here to inspire the next generation of change agents. 

My commitment to you: Im going to keep it real and raw. Im only going to share things that Ive done or have thoroughly researched (putting those degrees to good use). I will never purposely steer you in the wrong direction. I will be completely transparent. So buckle up and lets build generational health together. 

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